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Additional information about METASA SDM 2227 G.III

  • Stockid:
  • Description: 29 LINEAS X 17 CM ANCHURA DE TRABAJO 6 M CAPACIDAD SEMILLAS 1320 LTS CAPACIDAD FERTILIZANTE 1680LTS POTENCIA REQUERIDA 170CV Total Width: 6m 29 Rows x 17 cm Seeder Capacity: 1320 lts Fertilizer capacity: 1680 lt Good conditions
  • Approximate year: No
  • Status: Used - Not indicated
  • Width: 0.000 m
  • Type of ad: For sale / Offers


Address: Bonifacio Obispo, 1-3 41640 Osuna Spain (SE - Sevilla)

Contact: MASUR, S.L.


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